The Office of Police Oversight has jurisdiction over the Boise City Police Department.  The office cannot investigate complaints or matters pertaining to, or regarding, any other agency outside of the Boise Police Department.

If you have a complaint involving a law enforcement agency other than the Boise City Police Department, you will have to contact that agency directly.

Ada County Sheriff - 208-577-3000

Idaho State Police - 208-884-7000

Garden City Police - 208-472-2950

Meridian Police - 208-846-7339

Nampa Police - 208-465-2257


The Office of Police Oversight was created in 1999 and operated as the Office of the Community Ombudsman until 2015. This has caused some to be erroneously connected to our office for matters partaining to Senior Citizen care.  Our office cannot address complaints involving long-term care or assisted living facilities.  If you have a complaint or question involving long-term care or assisted living facilities, you will need to contact a Long-Term Care or Senior Ombudsman. The Idaho Commission on Aging is a resource for people to find the appropriate Long Term Care or Senior Ombudsman

Idaho Commission on Aging - 208-334-3833


Generally, the Office of Police Oversight will accept complaints that fall under the jurisdiction of the office within 90 days of the incident giving rise to the complaint. If the matter has been reported to, or investigated by, the Boise Police Department Office of Internal Affairs, an Appeal of that investigation finding will be accepted within 30 days of the finding. 

Who May File?

Generally, anyone may file a complaint involving a matter pertaining to the Boise Police Department provided, that the matter falls within the jurisdiction and timeliness of the Office of Police Oversight. However, only the person who originally filed a complaint with the Boise Police Department Office of Internal Affairs may Appeal that investigation finding with the Office of Police Oversight.