Policy Reports

Below, please find links to special policy reports issued by the Office of Police Oversight.  These reports focus on national and local law enforcement matters, and are the result of time dedicated to reviewing current Boise Police Department policy, analyzing policies and best practices from other agencies, and investigating community concerns.  

Review of BPD's BANDIT Unit
Issued January 13, 2015

Review of BPD's Response to Persons in Crisis (144KB)
Issued June 28, 2013

Update: Police Service Animals (53KB)
Issued November 26, 2012

Update: Police Service Animals (189KB)
Issued June 30, 2012

Police Service Animals (1233KB)
Issued December 13, 2011

Code Three Response by the Boise Police Department (261KB)
Issued February 3, 2009

Public Intoxication Ordinance (7540KB)
Issued November 30, 2007

Interactions Between the Boise Police and the Homeless (613KB)
Issued December 20, 2006

Taser Use by the Boise Police Department (169KB)
Issued June 6, 2006

A Victim-Centered Response to Sexual Assault (244KB)
Issued June 30, 2004