Annual Audit Summaries

The Office of Police Oversight is mandated by Boise City Code and organizational policy to audit the Boise Police Department's (BPD) internal investigations managed by the Office of Internal Affairs (OIA).  The purpose of these audits is to determine if BPD's internal investigations are conducted in accordance with BPD Policy & Procedure, are Complete, Thorough and Fair & Objective

The Office of Police Oversight audits 100% of completed Complaint investigations.  This includes complaints initiated by BPD, as well as by members of the public.  Additionally, at least 10% of all other case classifications are audited, excluding Commendations, OPO investigations and Risk Management cases . 

Examples of other types include Vehicle Accident, Use of Force, Administrative Incident Report (A.I.R.), and Inquiry.   

Below, please find links to the annual audit summaries issued by the Office of Police Oversight. 

Year 2017 Audit Summary

Year 2016 Audit Summary

Year 2013 Audit Summary

Year 2012 Audit Summary

Year 2011 Audit Summary