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About the Office of Police Oversight

The Boise City Council established the Office of Police Oversight (formerly Community Ombudsman) in July 1999. The Office was established to investigate complaints of misconduct against City of Boise police and law enforcement officers.

The Office is independent of the Boise Police Department and all other City departments. It reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.

In addition to investigating misconduct, the Office of Police Oversight seeks to ensure that police policies and practices reflect the needs of the community. It does so through independent review of police actions, thoughtful policy recommendations, and ongoing public outreach, including soliciting citizen commendations praising officers for their actions in specific incidents.

The Director is available to provide information about the Office of Police Oversight at schools and community meetings. Please contact us if you would like to have the Director speak to your group.

Policies & Governing Documents

City of Boise Ordinance 2-22

City of Boise Policy 1.06 Office of Police Oversight

City of Boise Regulation 1.06 (a) Office of Police Oversight

Office of Police Oversight Policy & Procedures 



Natalie Camacho Mendoza, Director

Chris Koons, Analyst

Ken Bennett, Investigator

Mark Senteno, Investigator

Cliff Ohler, Investigator